Reblocking : The Ultimate How-To Guide

While reblocking (or restumping your home might seem like a royal nightmare, we at Genuine Reblocking make it easy for you. In this piece, we break down the fine points of the reblocking process so you know exactly what to expect when you go into renovating your house.

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The first question than crops up when a restumping is mentioned is:

When do I need to restump my house?

To answer this question, there are a few tell tale signs that you can notice yourself. If you keep an eye out, you’ll be able to pick up on it early on so that your restumping doesn’t have to be intense.
Some of your first signs can be:

  • Cracks in your floor

One of the initial signs is probably the mysterious cracks that pop up on your floor. These cracks are brought about by the weak foundation and end up weakening the surface of the floorboards you walk on.

  • Difficulty closing windows and doors

Once the foundation starts to rot, so does everything up top. Due to the moisture that seeps in through the timber, your door and windows absorb excess moisture too. As a result, they swell up and make it difficult to close them properly.

  • Creaky Floorboards

In addition to cracks in the foundation, the weak base also cause the floors in your house to creak. This generally means the stump needs to be replaced as soon as possible.

But what is reblocking?

What the process consists of a simple series of steps that first involves an in-depth inspection of the foundation of your house. What this does is allow your builder to analyse how much restumping is required for your property. The stumps are the blocks of timber that hold up the foundation of your house, This is to ensure that there is no excessive flooding and for added storage space. Previously, stumps were made of solely timber. Due to the use of wood to create these blocks, a lot of houses in the past a few decades old are required to have their foundations restumped. This is caused by rain and moisture in the air.

Reblocking is a long and tedious process, but in the long run sets your homes foundation in stone. In recent times, builders used concrete or steel slabs to replace the wooden stumps to prevent quick wear and tear.

How much does reblocking cost?

This generally depends on the size of your house. In addition, it also depends on your raw materials, how much work needs to be done to remove the old stumps and any consecutive upkeep that will be required. While it may be an expensive affair, restumping ensures that your floor and ultimate the basic structure of your house is maintained.

Look at it as an investment, rather than an added expenditure. By spending on quality raw materials and labour, you ensure that your structure is built on a sturdy foundation that will not need regular changes or upkeep.

To prepare for your renovation, you can keep this simple checklist handy to make sure you know what’s happening and can be kept in the loop with your builder.

  • Which stumps are being replaced?
  • Does the renovation involve cleaning and getting rid of excess materials?
  • Will the doors and windows (if damaged) also be covered in the renovation cost?
  • Can the builder guarantee a levelled floor in ample time for your budget?
  • Will the foundation be raised further or will it remain at the same height?
  • If there are any additional damages or removals, will they be replaced?
  • What are the other potential risks that comes with this kind of renovation?

No questions are silly ones when it comes to your home. When you are taking the help of a professional, part of their job it to help you understand what they are doing to solve your problem. Our expert service folk ensure that complete transparency is observed when it comes to discussing the project. We appreciate it when someone takes the time to understand how they can better maintain they’re home. We understand that you need to know the intricacies of the job, and are happy to tell you more about the project if you’re keen to hear what we have to say. Part of the job is walking the client through it in a simple and effective manner.

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