Reasons to Consider Restumping Your Home

Whether you’ve had your home for a considerable amount of time, or you’re looking to buy a property with timber stumps; that’s when restumping is a part of the conversation.

We at Genuine Reblocking make sure that your foundations are strong and dependable.

What is Restumping?

Restumping is essentially the replacement of the wood beams that hold up the foundation of your house. They have to be switched generally due to wear and tear brought on due to:

  • Moisture seeping in
  • Weather conditions
  • Mites/Bugs that eat into the wood beams

Once your floors start to bloom cracks on its surface, it might be time to consider restumping as on option.

Here are a few signs that might mean you will need to restump your house:

Uneven Doors and Windows

The windows and doors reveal more than you realise. Once it starts becoming hard to shut a door or a window, that might be one of your first signs. This generally happens due to moisture. The wood absorbs the water and swells to a larger size, thus making it difficult for your panels to move smoothly.

Floor Damage

A far more obvious and revealing sign of deeper damage. When your floor starts to crack or show damage that is long term and is not related to the tiles, you might have to consider reblocking. The floorboards generally start by becoming uneven and then escalating in terms of damage as the time goes. If your stumps have an excessive amount of damage, the floor begins to creak and you will require an immediate inspection to prevent further damage. WIth unstable floors, it becomes dangerous to walk around and transport heavy items into and out of the house.

These initial signs are provided to you so you can ensure that your foundation is at its best.

In addition, there are massive pros to restumping your home.

Prevent flooding in your home

When you reraise your foundation , it becomes floor-safe by having strong beams that don’t weaken or slump in case there is excessive rainfall or water collecting underneath your home. Ensure the safety of your family by restumping and preventing collection of water underneath your home. The excess flow space ensures that the water just passes through instead of seeping in through your floor sand into your home.

Storage Space

Once your have restumped you home, you will be able to put in extra storage spaces for your outdoor items. Have the dream garage you always wanted by extending your tool shed that supports the foundation.

At Genuine Reblocking, we ensure we use high quality materials to make sure your beams don’t need constant replacing and upkeep. In addition, we provide you with tips and tricks as to how to maintain your foundation and ensure that your home is at its safest.

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