Raise Your Residence Above Flood Level and Create Extra Living and Storing Space

If you’ve recently purchased an older property, or planning to restump your house; look no further than Genuine Reblocking. Our top grade services provides the right solution to any foundation related problems you might have. Whether it’s a pesky deck or a base that needs fixing, you can talk to us.

What does restumping mean?

Restumping (also known as reblocking) is essentially the process of removing and renewing the stumps that supports the base of your home. Reblocking generally happens when the property has taken a lot of water damage that has led to seepage, or if the homeowner would like to build a sturdier foundation for his home.

Stumps of a house will have to be replaced when the wood logs have weakened over the years due to excessive exposure to moisture and harsh weather conditions. This tends to happen over a few decades, and generally will since the areas are prone to heavy moisture.

At Genuine Reblocking, we make sure that you don’t have to worry about your foundations. We take the time to inspect your house and investigate what is the perfect solution for your situation, no matter how big or small.

When does my house need to be reblocked?

Your first signs of possible need for inspection can be:

  • Raised floorboards
  • Swollen doors (from moisture)
  • Uneven flooring

The quality of your stumps also depends on the kind of soil the foundation is built on. You can check with your real estate company to confirm what kind of soil this is beforehand.

If you have noticed any of these things in your home, you can call us up for a free inspection.

We can first inspect your home to see if your stumps need to be replaced. House inspection rarely go to the depths of making sure the base is in good condition. With one of our experts, you’ll be able to find out when and if you need a replacement.

We inspect the stumps for excessive damage and provide you with a quote depending on the amount of work that will be required.

Once the decision is made to restump the house; the house is raised and the wooden stumps are quickly removed and replaced with new, fresh logs. The raw materials for the logs were predominantly wood in the past, but with improved technology and access concrete and steel have become favorites for logs. These materials prevent quick wear and tear and can withstand moisture without corroding,absorbing the moisture or breaking easily.

Your future has never been steadier with Genuine Reblocking.

When reblocking your home always make sure you make the right choice with the right kind of builder. We aim to provide you with top quality services and competitive prices.

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