Major Factors To Consider Before You Reblock Your House

If the foundation of your house is built on a raised surface, after a few decades you will need to consider reblocking. At Genuine Reblocking, we give you an exact plan of action as to what to get started on first. In this piece, we will be covering the important elements to consider before reblocking your home. Our job is to understand where the problem lies, and simplify it for you so you can understand the finer parts of it too.

When raising a house, one of the main points to keep in mind is that you are doing this to ensure that your home has a stable base. This will prevent further misalignment in the future. And now, with the new usage of concrete or steel stumps, you won’t have to worry about replacing them too often.

When preparing to restump your house:

Make an effective plan

With the help of your builder, devise a plan that will be suitable for your home and will endure the things you have planned for home architecturally. This is a long term investment and you want to make sure you are not making hasty decisions when it comes to choosing what exactly will go underneath your floorboards, and be supporting your home for the next few decades.

Choose the right builder

This project is going to involve heaps of expertise. Ensure you are picking the right builder and it will help you go a long way in terms of understanding what you need for your home, from materials, design and pricing.

Selecting the stumps

You have to make your choice for stumps based on the kind of home you have. Depending on the number of floors in your house, the width and type of your flooring.

Ensure that the stumps you choose are resistant to corrosion and can withstand humidity for long periods of time. You can choose any material ranging from steel, concrete or wood.

Make the right measurements

Boy, is this one important! Nobody wants to make a mistake on the measurements since this means having a lopsided floor for the next 30 years. Ensure that your adjustments and measurements are checked and double checked to ensure that you are not making any long term mistakes by ruining your floor.

The first step to restumping is getting an expert inspection by one of our team members. Once we are done examining your home, we note down your requirements for reconstruction and provide you with a quote that will work in your preferences and requirements.

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